David Wood

David Wood

"David Wood is business and executive coach, and an original co-founder of the International Coach Academy - now training coaches globally.

David has now coached clients and corporations in 15 countries, and has personally mentored over 150 coaches."


Executive & Corporate Coaching

"If all your key staff love their work and their lives, and brag about your company, then my work is done"

Does Your Company Wish To...

  • improve retention?
  • be the employer of choice in your industry?
  • have employees feel valued?
  • grow integrity and authenticity in the culture?
  • survive and thrive through major change which may be unsettling staff?
  • develop connected thriving teams, skilled in conflict resolution?

Why and How I Love to Help Create These Results

I'm passionate about helping people (including myself!) to love their lives.

To love their lives they need to thrive at work.

To thrive at work they need to:

  • practice uncommon honest communication
  • make clear requests, and set boundaries, to sculpt their job to be perfect for them
  • create an empowering mindset to enjoy the current state of things
  • feel they have a mission or purpose in their job, and that they are good at it.
  • enjoy their co-workers above, beside, and below them in the hierarchy

and just as important...

  • have a thriving personal life, through setting and achieving personal goals

I provide one-to-one coaching to key executives to help achieve the above results, leading to happier staff, increased retention, and increased productivity.

Group coaching face to face or via teleconference is also available.

Note: My goal is not to "retain staff at all costs". If their job or your company truly isn't a fit for them, sometimes the biggest ROI is helping them move on so you can get the right person in the role, and avoid things "dragging on".

What I Don't Do

I want to be clear I'm not the organizational development guy you bring in to coach your company on how to organize itself better. I'm the people guy you bring in to make sure your executives love their jobs, their co-workers, and their lives so they want to stay and give you their very best.


How I Select Companies and Staff to Work With

Just like your employees and yourself, a sense of fulfillment is a priority for me.

So I only work with companies where I feel I can make a major difference. This means integrity and authenticity are already key values of your company, or the leadership is committed to growing those values within the company.

Within your leadership, it's most efficient and fulfilling for me to work with those executives and managers who WANT to improve their job and their lives, and who are willing to be coached.

A 30 minute session is enough for us both to know if we're both excited and enthusiastic about working together. I may end up working with 10% of your key staff, or 90%. Either way, I intend that the effects ripple throughout your entire company.


My Coaching Style

Coaching is not like many other professions; people don't get to slide.

In the first session I make my expectations clear: the client is on time for every call, and does what they say they will before the next session (or calls me to re-negotiate). If they don't take the coaching seriously, and make it a priority in their life, the coaching will be terminated. I find this accountability is key to creating change.

How It Works

Sessions are weekly, one on one, by phone, video skype or sometimes face to face. It's made clear from the beginning which elements may be reported to corporate (e.g. a business goal, progress on key metrics), and which are 100% confidential (the rest!).

One to three specific goals are set in the first session - to be achieved in a specific time frame. The employee is normally coached for three months, with an option to continue if all parties agree. The company may leave the goals unrestricted, or it is quite common to require one personal goal and one business-related goal be set.

Sample business-related goals might be: develop coaching skills, increase sales by X%; build strong network within the company; develop relationship with 10 new prospects; reorganize company's internal communications; create a strong sense of teamwork; develop strong career plan; reduce conflict with employee X, learn how to enroll and inspire people in ideas.

Sample personal goals might be: reduce weight by 20 pounds; look, dress and feel great; increase circle of friends and attend at least one party per week; find a relationship; make partner ecstatic.


Getting Started at the Right Pace

Some companies are not used to coaching. In this case you may wish to introduce coaching gradually, obtaining buy-in from key people, and then the rest of the company.

Here is one possible progression:

1) Experience a coaching session yourself first - so you can get a feel for it and feel confident you're hiring a quality service that will have an impact on your firm. This can be done via telephone, skype, or face to face.

2) Choose a pilot group of 3-10 key executives to receive coaching. Once you have clear results and buy-in from this group, coaching may be extended to other groups.

If/when you decide to role coaching out to mid-management level or even lower, I would bring in a team of qualified coaches to handle the increased level of coaching.


David Wood 'Snapshot'

David began life with Towers Watson Worldwide (Global Division), as a consulting actuary for international Fortune 50 companies such as Philip Morros, Sony Music, Exxon, TRW, and Proctor & Gamble - specializing in the benefits and compensation side of Human Resources.

He then embarked on a lengthy personal journey of self exploration and formal training to learn how to coach people (and himself!) to live fulfilled lives.

He now brings the two fields together, helping executives within major corporations to thrive in their lives and their jobs. David has:

  • Coached over 2000 hours, with clients in 15 countries around the world.
  • Appeared in the national media from CNN Headline News and First Business National, to Cosmopolitan Magazine.
  • been one of the early coaches certified as PCC by the International Coach Federation.
  • Been elected to the exclusive Transformational Leadership Council, alongside such thought leaders as Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup), John Grey (Mars & Venus), Miguel Ruiz (Four Agreements) and Marianne Williamson (A Course in Miracles).
  • Founded a global coach training school now training in over 50 countries, mentored over 150 coaches personally, and still maintains an email following of more than 80,000 coaches.
  • Confessed to being a computer game geek (yes E-sports are real sports lol!) and a raving West Wing fan. He lives in the San Francisco Bay area with his partner Harmony, his cat Burglar, and the motor-cycle riding puppy Ella, and is currently leading a global online coach training course from Bali.

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