David Wood is fast becoming one of the foremost voices in online marketing and lifestyle design, having built a rewarding hobby into a million-dollar online empire that allows him to work and play from anywhere in the world. He was recently voted into the Transformational
Leadership Council, along with such thought leaders as Stephen M.R. Covey, Jack Canfield, John Gray, and Marianne Williamson.

In 1997, while consulting to Fortune 100 companies in New York, David felt the call to resign as an actuary and follow his passion to entertain and teach. Within a few short years he was attracting 95% of his clients from the internet, publishing the largest online coaching newsletter in the world, and celebrating reaching seven figures in income - all supported by one employee he'd never met.

He wrote Get Paid For Who You Are to share the same techniques he has
now taught to thousands of people around the world, including students at Columbia University. Born in Australia, David has a home base in San Francisco and spends time in Calgary, New York, and Sydney.


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to arrive at the grave safely, in a well
preserved body, but rather to skid in
sideways, totally worn out, shouting
"Holy shit, what a ride!"
- Mavis Leyrer age 83

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Here's what you get as an affiliate:

  • 40% Payout on all qualifying sales made through your link
  • Complete real-time reporting and monitoring
  • High quality, life-changing products for you to recommend - which come with a complete guarantee!
  • Links, banners, and articles to assist you in sharing the products, and even free training on how to increase your sales
  • We'll do all the work! You just place a link on your site or in your newsletter, and we handle the tracking, the sale, collecting the funds, delivery, and commission payment
  • Commission for an entire 12 months after they clicked your link

How much can I earn?

That depends on how much you refer the products! Of course we can't make any guarantee as to how many sales you will have. However, let's suppose you made one sale a day of each product (which is pretty good), your commission over one year would be US$15,834 - as follows:


One sale per day


per week
per year
10 Super Coaches Share Their Secrets
The CoachStart eManual™
'Getting Your First Fifty Clients' Speech
The Truth About Women


I'll also give you lots of free resources you can share with your network, so you don't need to sell. And - expect a new product every few months!

Note: The only thing you won't earn commission on is my one to one phone coaching service. This is simply because I'm not trying to promote my coaching right now - as it's based on my time. What I really want your help on, is getting the word out on these great automated solutions.

The tracking system

Whenever a visitor arrives at a SolutionBox™ web site from your affiliate link, a cookie will be saved on their computer. This cookie holds your unique code, so if your visitor decides to place an order up to one whole year later you're still guaranteed to get the commission on the sale.

Group Purchases

Suppose you send them to our site for one product, and they buy two more at the same time. What happens? In this case you get credit for all three products.

Twelve Months of Sales - from one click!
Ten Years of Sales - from ten clicks!

Once someone has clicked on your affiliate link, each time they purchase something at our site your affiliate number is associated with their purchase - for TWELVE MONTHS!

And remember, we follow up regularly with our customers via our newsletters and other mailings. So if Jenny returns to our site in a few weeks or months as a result of OUR FOLLOW-UP, and decides to get two relationship ebooks - you still get a 30% commission.

How will I get paid?

To keep admin simple and to get your money to you as quickly as possible, we will pay you via PayPal.

It's great! No lost checks, no updating physical addresses, and no exchange rates to mess with. From PayPal you'll be able to deposit straight to your bank account. If you don't have a PayPal account you can get one for free! It takes about 5 minutes to set up, and I'll send you instructions for this in your Affiliate Welcome Email.

Payout Schedule

I will send payment directly to your PayPal account on the 7th of January, April, July and October every year provided that your commission is at least US$30. If your commission is below US$30 in a particular month, it will be added to your next month's commission.

How Do I Get Started?

It's very simple, and takes just 2 minutes to sign up.

I'll then send you an email with your unique link to place on your website, in your email signature, or in your newsletter. You'll also receive access to a special page with some cool graphic/text ads and articles for advanced affiliates.

And welcome aboard!

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